About me

I am thrilled to share with you my ongoing exploration of archetypes in both leadership and art. For years, I have been teaching archetypes and delving into the intricate threads of human behavior as well as the dynamics of effective leadership.

But there’s more to this journey. Alongside leadership development I started painting from scratch in 2008. Over the course of these years, I have transitioned from academic drawing through painting to my current endeavor of painting portraits from live models. This progression reflects my dedication to not only understanding archetypal energies but also embodying them through the strokes of my brush.

I am an economist by profession, make a living from leadership development in Hungary. Without an academic painting degree, I embarked on the artistic journey with an unwavering determination to break barriers and redefine what it means to be an artist. Every brushstroke is an exhilarating adventure, as I venture into unexplored realms, creating art that speaks to the depths of the human soul.

My lack of a formal degree is a testament to the fact that art is not confined by labels or credentials. It is an adventure, a revelation, and a way to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of life. Let my art be a source of inspiration and a reminder that art knows no boundaries. Together, let us celebrate the magic of art and unleash the true artist within us all. Welcome to my world of unbridled passion!