I was born in Eastern Europe, in Hungary, before the regime change. In my heart and soul, I would have chosen to be an artist while study foreign languages. However, during that time, admission to the only University of Arts was highly influenced by the political values and views held in the applicant’s family. Having parents who were members of the ruling socialist party or had political connections was a great advantage.  As neither of these applied to me I started to pursue studies in mathematics. No classical professions truly appealed to me except for economics, but the university taught Marxist and Leninist ideologies at that time, which didn’t interest me either.

The year following the regime change, I graduated with a degree in mathematics. But then, opportunities began to emerge in Eastern Europe. Multinational companies entered the scene, and a market economy started to take shape. The thematic focus of university education also shifted, prompting me to study economics, international trade, and marketing. I earned additional degrees in these fields. I secured positions in local and globally renowned IT companies, quickly rising to upper management roles.

Subsequently, I earned an MBA degree in international management. This marked a major transition into the field of leadership development. I joined an American consulting company specializing in leadership competency assessment. After a few years, I started building my own leadership development venture, and simultaneously reignited my passion for drawing and painting.

I embarked on this journey from scratch, and have been continuously honing my skills ever since. I have carefully chosen my art teachers, aspiring to learn from the very best.

Due to my career, painting has become a secondary pursuit, as my time is limited. I still consider myself an emerging artist on the threshold of my artistic career. My journey has granted me significant life experience, which I believe is an asset to my role as an artist.

In my primary occupation, which revolves around leadership development, my understanding of archetypes and personality traits have evolved to a professional level. In a parallel realm, my journey in the world of art has been greatly influenced by this expertise. I have seamlessly applied my understanding of archetypes to my artistic endeavors. The canvas has become the sphere where archetypes come to life, depicting the complex interplay of human characteristics, emotions, and the stories that bind us. My paintings reflect not only the external world but also the deep-seated archetypal threads that shape our collective human experience.

This dual exploration of archetypes, both in leadership development and in my artistic pursuit, has provided me with a unique vantage point. It has allowed me to see the underlying patterns that bridge seemingly disparate fields and uncover the universal threads that connect humanity.  It is the  convergence of knowledge and creativity is where my passion truly thrives, enriching both my professional and artistic journeys.

Within each of us resides a tapestry of archetypes, each longing to come to the forefront. These facets of our personality possess distinct goals, motivations, and aspirations. Our true fulfillment lies in acknowledging and nurturing these diverse aspects, allowing them to unfold and intertwine on a higher level throughout our lives.

It is through this intricate interplay that we attain a sense of wholeness and harmony. By embracing the multifaceted archetypes within us, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and authenticity. Our journey is about granting each archetype the space it craves, letting it flourish, and ultimately weaving these threads together into a rich, dynamic narrative.

I assist leaders not only in enhancing their leadership competencies, but also in achieving full potential in their careers and as individuals.

My aspiration is also to lead by example in demonstrating how to unfold the myriad potentials within us. By embracing our archetypal diversity, we can inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and evolution. Through this, we create a mosaic of empowerment, showing that a fulfilling life is one where all aspects of our being find expression and unity.