Heartfelt Gratitude for Teaching and Guidance

Frigyes Kleinhappel, the founders of the Belvárosi Képzőműhely, Budapest, Hungary

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for Frigyes’s unwavering patience and guidance throughout the years from the very beginning until today (2008-). His dedication to leading me through the phases of academic drawing has been an invaluable part of my artistic journey.

His teaching approach, unlike the conventional methods, stands out by its personalized nature. He has always paid close attention to my individual progress and focused on what I am doing and how. His respect for maintaining my unique style while supporting my growth has been truly remarkable and appreciated.

Just like the great artists of the past, Frigyes possess the incredible ability to flawlessly draw and paint from memory. His artistic skills are awe-inspiring, and his dedication to his craft is evident in every stroke. He is worth far more recognition than he receives, and I strongly believe that the art scene will greatly benefit from noticing his exceptional talent in the future.

Ottó Bóna, teacher at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for Otto’s innovative teaching methods and guidance. His 10 full-day-lessons on color theory as well as his  encouragement to embrace contemporary art have transformed my artistic journey. He has become an inspiration and role model, shaping my identity as an artist.

Although Otto taught me only for a brief period (2011-2013), but his impact was significant. Had he not been born in Hungary, his painting teaching methodology would likely have gained worldwide recognition by now. Nevertheless, I hope that the world will soon have the chance to read his book, where his methods are explored. Let me also express my special gratitude for introducing me to Old Holland paints, which contain far more pigments than what is available in Hungary.

Kovács Gábor Art Foundation (KOGART)

Founder Gábor Kovács, in collaboration with a dedicated board, envisioned a focus on contemporary Hungarian fine art’s collection, curation, and presentation.

I participated in a comprehensive painting appraisal course of KOGART that awarded a certification in 2012-2013. Throughout the theoretical training among other subjects, I gained insights into the major eras of art history and their prominent artists. This course equipped me with a strong foundation in understanding the art world’s intricacies, ranging from historical contexts to legal aspects, and from commercial dynamics to the
preservation of artistic treasures.

For me, the most captivating aspect of this course was the in-depth exploration of art history. Ultimately, I successfully took the examination and received a vocational qualification (OKJ) certificate. My primary focus was not the realm of appraisers, but to delve deeply into the universal and Hungarian art history, which truly intrigued me.

György Gajzágó, founder of Contemporary Art Collector Academy

I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Academy’s courses. It aided me in understanding the players and rules of the contemporary art world both at local and international levels. Gyuri illuminated that we are on the periphery in the art world, thus it is a challenge to enter the global art bloodstream.

It became crystal clear for me that without an art degree and embracing the local art canon, progress as an artist is unlikely. Despite this I have taken modest steps to introduce my work to those who control art. As I believe, the enormous change we are part of will reform the art world as well. Being an artist is not solely defined by having an academic art degree, and the future is not solely determined by representatives controlling art. The world has expanded and new intellectual currents are emerging, where I hope to find my place and the potential for unfolding.