Madonna of Mary

Oil on canvas, 9.8 x 19.3 (25 x 49 cm)
© Eva Kranitz

Where do we come from? How did it all start?

It’s good for those who like to remember their ancestors. For many, perhaps for you too, the question of how to find my home, how to find my way back to the origins, is a central theme in life. Finding your way home can also mean finding a place where you have the feeling: “This is where I belong, this is familiar to me”. You can also find it in the form of a nest, and of course in the spiritual nourishment you receive from a loved one or a mother figure.

With Madonna of Mary, I wanted to express an inexplicable sense of comfort and protection, aligning with my intention to portray the woman in the painting as a source of nurturing strength. Through meticulous strokes of my brush, I depicted a serene woman radiating kindness and inner fortitude. I aimed to capture a moment of pure connection between the viewer and the depicted figure, evoking an exchange of unspoken understanding and solace.