Man in white shirt

Oil on canvas, 14.5 x 18.5 (37 x 47 cm)
© Eva Kranitz

I have painted several pictures of this model. Originally I painted him without clothes, but then I felt sure he would be embarrassed, so I gave him a dress, a white shirt.

While painting the portrait of this shy man, I was struck by the subtle vulnerability that radiated from him. His uncertain gaze and reserved demeanour hinted at many unspoken thoughts. With each brushstroke, my aim was not only to capture his physical likeness, but also to capture the essence of his character, his fearful strength. The canvas became a medium through which I explored his journey and his inner struggles.

As I approached the completion of the painting, a feeling of gratitude swirled within me. This individual, who wears his shyness like armour, has allowed me a glimpse into his soul. I hope that through my art I can give voice to his unspoken courage and convey a story that will resonate with those who have already struggled with their own closed minds.