My dual dedication

For years, I have been dedicated to imparting the profound wisdom of human insight to leaders through the lens of archetypes. Through my unique and meticulously crafted teaching and developing approach, I have empowered leaders with the tools to delve into their own selves, fostering unparalleled self-awareness and facilitating a deeper understanding of those they lead.

The concept I have developed isn’t just a teaching method but it’s also a transformative journey that equips leaders with the skills to navigate the complex tapestry of human interaction.

Parallel to my work in leadership development, my artistic journey has also been profoundly influenced by archetypes. A passion ignited years ago, and since then the concept of archetypal human representation has become a driving force in my art. My canvas has been graced by the portraits of living models, capturing not just their physical likeness but also the intangible essence of their being. Through each brushstroke and hue, I strive to transfer this unspoken essence onto the canvas, creating portraits that are not just realistic renditions but profound expressions of the human spirit.

My dual dedication to developing leaders’ knowledge of human nature through archetypes and expressing the depths of the human experience through art has been a journey of synergy and revelation. Both endeavors are rooted in the belief that understanding the intricate dynamics of human nature is a pathway to transformative leadership and artistic resonance. By fusing these passions, I aim to contribute to a world where leaders are compassionate and attuned, and art becomes a mirror reflecting the universal essence of humanity.