Unveiling the Absence of Dates – A Journey Unforeseen

In perusing my collection of images, you may have noticed the curious absence of dates accompanying each piece. Allow me to shed light on this intriguing choice—a choice born from the very unpredictability of my artistic path.

When I embarked on this creative journey, I never envisioned these images finding their way into an exhibition or public display. The absence of dates is a reflection of my initial mindset, one where the concept of sharing these pieces with a wider audience hadn’t yet taken root.

As time progressed, however, the unexpected happened. The desire to share my artistic evolution blossomed, and the prospect of exhibition became a reality. It was then that I recognized the significance of those missing dates—those unassuming markers of time that now carry the weight of an entire journey.

The absence of dates isn’t an oversight, but rather a testament to the organic nature of creativity. It serves as a reminder that art, much like life, can lead us down uncharted paths, revealing the unforeseen opportunities that lie beyond our initial intentions.