As an artist, I have chosen to infuse life directly onto my canvas through the portrayal of live models. This dynamic approach not only challenges my artistic skill but also adds a layer of authenticity that transcends mere representation.

Yet, this pursuit of authenticity comes with its own costs, both in terms of artistic effort and financial investment. Engaging live models introduces a profound depth to my work, but it necessitates the financial commitment of compensating these models for their time and contribution. The beauty of the human form, the play of light and shadow upon it, is a dialogue that cannot be replicated. It is an interaction that brings soul to my art and invigorates each piece with a unique vibrancy.

I believe that art is not merely a static image but a dynamic reflection of existence. Working with live models is a commitment to translating this vitality onto the canvas, to share the human experience through the strokes of my brush. I invite you to join me in supporting this endeavor.