Art is a journey of self-discovery, both for the artist and the beholder. Each painting is an invitation to explore, to interpret, and to find a piece of oneself within the artwork. The beauty of art lies not only in the final creation but also in the intimate connection it fosters between the artist and those who gaze upon it.

I am constantly seeking avenues to refine my craft. One such avenue is the opportunity to participate in internal and painting workshops and exhibitions held abroad. These would offer an unparalleled platform for me to learn from renowned artists, exchange ideas, and immerse myself in diverse artistic techniques and cultural influences. However, as an artist hailing from Eastern Europe, financing these transformative experiences presents a unique challenge.

Your generosity may propel me to explore new horizons, infuse fresh perspectives into my work, and share the resulting creations with all those who appreciate archetypical portrait painting and figurative art.

Support me in my mission!